17 June 2011


Happiness is when you finally know there are no monsters under your bed.

A serious affliction that I suffered from for decades. An affliction I shared with 20 million other Sri Lankans. The sometimes very real but most times much imagined and maligned belief in conspiracy. Accompanied of course by back stabbing and character assassination in every form possible. In ways only Sri Lankans know how.

16 June 2011

For greater good – are we debating ethics or the law of the land?

My earlier post ‘http://viceunversa.blogspot.com/2011/06/sri-lanka-not-so-paradise.html  concentrated on and highlighted the lack or disappearance of democracy in Sri Lanka, my motherland. But I am from the minority of people in Sri Lanka as the majority of its citizens genuinely support the current government and it’s dictatorship type of government.

Being from a minority means that I also express displeasure of many events that happen all over the world.

-        I do not want US drones bombing Afghanistan and calling the loss of civilians for greater good and collateral damage.

-       The so-called UN peacekeeping forces bombing of Libya.

-       I disagree with Israel’s forceful occupation of Palestine.

-       I hate the US and UK occupation of Iraq.

-       I do not agree with many of the internal policies of China. The Tiananmen Square massacre is a prime example.

-         I am appalled that for the past three decades Sri Lanka is best known for the LTTE, the birth of the suicide bomber and terrorism.

So I am unhappy about many international human rights infringements. I could just go on and on. I am however just a minority. Shame.

Until the double standards stop, I remain ashamed. I am ashamed of all the diasporas who often complain but then are seen living the life of luxury on holiday in Sri Lanka. If it's so bad why do you holiday there?

Last but not least please don’t bother to comment to this post if you wish to remain anonymous. Have the balls to identify yourself or just piss off. If you are stupid enough to believe the Internet to be completely anonymous you hardly have balls anyway.

I have to go now, my dog's calling me. He's loyal and obedient.