26 May 2014

Colombo’s so very happening.

We expected them.

It was hot today. Summer heat; well over the 30’s. Sweltering, humid, tropical sunshine.
Evening bringing with it a welcome breeze, the promise of a cooler night.
We were expecting them. They came fed well, washed in the tray we have provided for them with water, and now sun themselves to dry on their favourite murunga tree.
We all had a moment.

dD thought it’ll be nice to capture it.
I belong with you.
Otherwise I am always the spectator.
Please save my soul.

24 May 2014

Off button

The off button. Not everyone has one. You know the guy standing beside Regents Park only in his socks and underwear in winter, ok that kind of guy, they're lit up from every light possible.
No, only some of us have that off button.
That button that enables you to enter another frame of mind at the same time in real time.
You are there and dealing with the psychological blow one after another, people wonder how you are left standing.
But that little off button that helps you keep your sanity.
The one that tells 120mph on the wrong side of the road at 3am is acceptable. But also enables you for occasions and life changing situations to operate on auto-pilot. All anyone will ever see are the smiles.
The off button.
Really can't think of another word more appropriate.
Off button.

16 May 2014

Vesak Glamour

‘When the true magic of this Vesak grabs you, you suddenly realise how soon we have taken to grant, our freedom from terrorism.
How soon as we Sri Lankans always do, we manage to now strangle ourselves with that very freedom we fought so hard for.
For every one of our mothers worried about what time we’ll come home.
Such beauty, life, wasted.

Sri Lanka, the paradise isle.