26 March 2010

Has anyone walked from Colombo to Kattaragama?

No seriously, how long do you think it would take, say walking from 5am to 12noon. Resting. Taking off again from 4pm to 10pm. Resting at night.

The fastest I have done it is at midnight averaging 80-120kmph in a car. No stops, even for a smoke. Made it in three and half hours.

Any takers? For walking it I mean...


Anonymous said...

In the past there has been people who walk to Katharagama from Jafna on pilgrimage. I once watched a TV program about it. It takes days and I am not sure if they do that any more.


ViceUnVersa said...

Rakhitha I believe this is called 'Pada Yatra' and takes about a month. But they take it slowly and stop at many temples on the way.

Serendib_Isle said...

I used to drive there every weekend for three continuous months; we were building a cottage there. Used to leave early, arrive in Sella for B'fast by the roadside.

My BIL did it on a bike, arrived in K'gama saying his bum feels like... you know what! :D

ViceUnVersa said...

Wijitha did he cycle? How did it take?