22 January 2011

A decade of the not so random Internet, Blogging and me Life…

A decade of the not so random Internet, Blogging and me Life…

Discovering a bloggers real identity and outing them on the worldwide web seems to have now become the norm. Which is actually a tad bit sorry and sad. Recently a quite well off woman in London freely mouthed off on her blog and was discovered and exposed. Other than anonymously making disparate comments on other people’s blogs, which I despise, the main reason behind my launching a blog/s was to have the ability to freely express myself, but of course as an unknown identity.

To wake up early on a Saturday morning and merrily type away on the keyboard while everyone else is sleeping I find therapeutic. Coming home late evening after a bad day and letting off steam on the worldwide web is strangely satisfying. But the freedom and fun that came with anonymity I not strangely miss. A lot.

Especially when you have the need to mouth off all the time, and that would be me. Regular readership is humbling and really empowering. But it does somehow restrict you.

Anonymously having a rant is fun. Not when peeps start to judge you on what you write and begin to stalk you. Or alike the site from Russia that randomly visits all my blogs. Googled their name and found many bloggers complaining of being spammed by these untouchables.

So why you may ask am I this cold Saturday morning sitting here jotting my thoughts down. Deep within me lies a creature that enjoys conflict. As my kid grew, this gradually dissipated. There is a kinder, gentler soul somewhere within me, some of it fatherhood has helped me find. I thought that this is more paramount in my current character. Instead of the one who enjoys the proverbial crash and burn.

In mid life, am I going through the typical mid life crisis? I think that has passed. My midlife crisis was all about camo clothing, tats, multiple piercing and weapons. I still refuse to discard my Harley Davidson gloves, but the older I grow, the more my personality dissipates from the gentler side of humankind. Which I prefer to be.

In all honesty, I do believe man goes through many cycles. The last decade for me was more about discovering the wonders of watching my kid grow, and very much my spouse. Of travelling the world with them, enjoying their company. Discovering that my body is mere mortal, being selfish in terms of time for my family, seeking answers to what’s most important to me. Finding who my few and real friends are.

The Internet, its social and commercial innovations during the last decade. A revolution I am proud to be part of, blogging much part of it.

The randomness I miss. Discovery is very much part of the journey. Blogging has helped me through six years of moving from my mother country to a new country. For the second time.

I crave the previous anonymity and randomness I had before. Am I making sense?

I leave with you with the burning thought on every Marketing Communications persons mind – how can I make money on the internet? As an individual or enterprise.

Thank you for listening. 

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