11 May 2011

Freedom to chill, the right to relax

I have discarded my day clothes and noose for a much more comfortable old green hoodie, sweats and Nike’s. The grass and the ground beneath me in the field are pleasantly cold. So is the weather, its 7pm and the sky is still clear as day. The sun threatens to break out fully but lies hidden. My jogging with the dog gear is sufficiently warm. Lying on my back I stare at the sky.

I spy the rainbow glistening through the clouds.  Jazz is restless. A passenger plane flies above us. I see the BA blue and red on its tail clearly. The mobile phone records the memories. My mind records the sounds and scent. There is actually little sound than a soft wind that caresses me as it passes rustling through the trees. The clean evening scent of almost summer and warm earth lull me to sleep.

It’s been a pleasant spring. Warm by English standards. 25 to 15 centigrade with the sun out in all its glory. Everyone’s enjoying it while it lasts. This could be the only month we will have this glorious weather, but its ok. The winter snowstorm on Christmas Eve seems like a distant memory.

Jazz jolts me out of my reverie as he spots a cat. He is eager to give friendly chase. I am too mellow to even allow him to think about it. He is off the leash but good. His mark of protest is to sigh loudly and flop down beside me. We both enjoy the evening twilight and the promise of darkness.

I finally roll over and get up. We begin our short walk home. I am too chilled out to even consider the act of running. It’s chilly now, but nice.

Oh and yes, the white iPhone 4 arrives tomorrow. 

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