19 January 2012

Jesus has come...

Jesus has come

The rains will stop
The sun blaze overhead
Even the hardest
Those who trek on mother earth
Flinch when their feet touch the tarred road
When finally everything green is no more
Then the serpents of eternity shall come

Winters long
Ice more than inches cover the road
Your crops wither right down to their roots
Black stumps, barely visible
No light, no will
When the hardest dare not head out
Then the serpents of eternity shall come

Not the child born from a sexless marriage
Not the harbinger of all-good
Not the one who gave so much
For you
For he is no more
But for the serpents of eternity
They are no figments of your imagination
See them slither amongst you

Mothers from hunger shall feast on their children
Fathers fornicate with the filthiest of dogs
Parents sell body parts to live
Man and animal both defecate
In the kingdoms of Gods
Now mere edifices
Where the serpents of eternity slither

Tell me
Jesus has come
The Mexican one
How far from truth or dare…
Do you live?
When will you wake up?

That’s my cock in your mouth.

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