2 September 2012

It’s Sunday, September 2, 2012

8.30pm. The weekend’s officially over for some like me. Monday and the week ahead looms. The TV drones softly in the background. A football match in progress. I look up to check, Barcelona playing Valencia. Now keep glancing up, as I love the way Barcelona play although I am a Real Madrid fan. It’s been a day filled with sports. Starting from Para Olympics to the Belgian Grand Prix, Liverpool playing Arsenal, then Manchester United playing at Southampton. Now the Spanish league. Feel guilty I have been missing prize fighter and the boxing.
Random thoughts speed basing through my head. As usual in my sports socks, sarong, Odel SL tee, and Redskins hoodie wrapping me in a cocoon of warmth, all of course enhanced by the smoke I had not too long ago.
Although my whole body feels completely and totally relaxed, I get the sudden urge to call a friend, jump in the car, meet at R & B, play a game of pool, finish a bottle of Jameson’s and get home past midnight. Officially passing midnight means I have successfully managed to start Monday slightly inebriated. The best and I believe the only way to be completely in readiness for another week of drudgery looking forward to Friday night and the weekend.
But I am in England. In the stix. It’s cold and drizzling slightly. You can’t wiz around drunk and stoned here. Most importantly, R & B really exists in my imagination. Far away in a land called Sri Lanka, the Paradise Isle.
One of the most fucked up countries in the world, but to simple me, the Paradise Isle.
Have a better week everybody! 

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