11 November 2012

Imagine what the future can teach us.

Imagine what the future can teach us.
Dhammika fears all gods. All the unexplainable, the faithless, and the unfathomable in this world, can adequately be explained by the presence of a higher power.
A ‘Power/Gods’ who are as corrupt, if not more, as us.
Their momentary lapses of reason are more frequent. The ‘powers be’ created us, and created monsters, for they gave us the ability to think, communicate and destroy with immunity.
Among us arose many demi-gods. Humans blessed by power, but without the human attributes of loyalty, honesty and trust. Dhammika’s glad he’s neither human, demi-god or god. The dimension he lives in exists only for him.
Dhammika’s sorry, many of you are unwelcome. You won’t like it there anyway. Unless you don’t mind listening to all of Pink Floyd’s albums on loop 24/7 for the rest of your life.
Especially the one’s who destroy with immunity. The rights of humankind need be rewritten. Dhammika is not the author.
Which one’s Pink? BTW
“If you’re constantly visited by your other lives travelling back from time, you remain the best example that history teaches us nothing. It’s a pity that it’s physically impossible to travel forward in time to events that are yet to take place.” DD

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