4 July 2013

The Fish and I

The Fish and I

Sometimes something you wanted all your life was staring at you in the face but it was never what you dreamt of. Be careful, dreams may come true, but it may never be what you wanted. For what you really wanted was with you all along.

Dream, but dream wisely. I didn't. If you see a moral to this story, let us know please.

I now have everything I dreamt for, lovely weather, dream job, chauffeured, office with a view of the ocean (Even the toilet has a view of the sea), lovely big house near a lake, in the most wonderful country in the world.

All by myself.

Paradise after all, seems to be with the ones you love the most. Even if its in the coldest, dreariest country in the world.

Marcus Gillen and Jessica MacGregor, I miss the two of you as well. x x x

There's a big indoor rainwater pond filled with Koi Carp in the house. We talk a lot.

The fish, Mother Lanka and I.

I believe in gods. Because they will give, but not everything.

Wait... I found the moral to the story. If this is the best of both worlds, I must run the London Marathon next year.

Life is like that, you may finish the race, but it'll kill you.

Having said all that, I do have a 90 minute massage booked and an appointment with the hairdresser for Saturday. All for under 30 quid.

DD's back in his motherland.

But there are no happy endings. You never get what you pay for.

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