27 June 2014

Stop it now, please.

Many versions of the Aluthgama riots actually bother dD. Their premise was somehow that all this violence is justified. An eye for an eye thing. Today was particularly a bother as the taxi driver bringing dD home was seriously racist.

Clever wordsmiths will provide many versions of the facts. dD feels that by the very fact front line media paused on reporting the facts, social media and speculation were the only vehicles of information for the general public.

You can't blame social media or the rumour mongrels (Intended), everything happens in real time, gone are the days you have to wait to read the paper or watch the evening news to be informed. Most of us are logged in all the time to social media.

On a personal note, dD has of course by choice spent one third of dDs life in the west. A humbling experience for dD on how a minority in any country feels like.

Pot smoking, rabbi loving, halal eating, vodka drinking, pork eating and bacon loving Sinhala Buddhist dD maybe, but dD abhors any type of racism from anybody. dDs in Sri Lanka because dD honestly believes that our country has a future.

Fighting amongst ourselves is not going to help that.

Its wrong that priests had to intervene on a matter for the Poleece. Even in vibrant democracies public demonstrations are kettled and the violators brought to justice by law.

Many are the pictures we see of protesters in the west bashed on the heads with clubs and dragged away by the Poleece. The Poleece in the west actually electrocute protesters by tazing them with over 20,000 volts of electricity. dD's saying it's not right, but what happened in Aluthgama was a matter purely for the Poleece. Not to electrocute citizens, but to resolve and disperse.

Yes, dD's also crazy enough to imagine a Sri Lanka like Lennon sang about in his song. All the people in Sri Lanka living life in peace.

STOP Violence
STOP Racism

Build toilets in India

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