5 July 2011

Pleasurable activities, including laughter, addiction, and music


That wonderful freshness of air-conditioned air hits me as I walk into the softly lighted nightclub. The nights humid and even the journey to the car and out of it to the club has made me sweat. The two large vodka I had before I left with half a spliff begins to work better in the cool comfort of the club.

The bartender welcomes me and the club manager heads off to fetch my bottle bank. I leisurely say my hip’s to everyone and stroll over to the DJ booth. A wide grin and a hi5 greet me. The waiter sets up my drinks on the table right next to the DJ booth. I can’t help but notice the interested looks of the girls and envious looks from the guys. Now no longer a regular clubber in Colombo I am not known, but the club staff attention does arouse curiosity.

Even before I have said hello I begun to bug the DJ to play some old skool house. The waiter pours my first drink and places it in my hand. I am good. It’s my last night before flying out again. I am sad to be leaving, but happy to be at the club.

I am whole
Yet nothing
Time freezes
Wheels turn
Yours truly
Come soon
Heaven above
Hell below
Knock, knock

Home, I miss home

Pleasurable activities, including laughter, addiction, and music

I am never home


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