1 July 2012

Enjoying happiness

Today was the pre-launch to one of the goals on my bucket list. Seeing my kid off to Oxbridge for Higher Education. Just got back home after dropping her off at the Oxford University head start program. 

She’s at the Hertford College for the next five days learning at this hallow institution the art of Engineering. All things related to it to help figure if that’s what she wants to do with the rest of her life. As we mere mortals are condemned to work for our living, I think this is an excellent way to help a teenager decide what they want to achieve in life. As most if not all Asian parents we dream of her becoming a doctor of medicine. But most of all I love the fact that she’s able to experience all crafts of life, be it be music, languages, mathematics or even design for that matter.

So this post as much as about my bucket list, it’s also about her. Although I must admit she’s not even half as crazy as her father. Which is a good thing I am sure everyone may say, but as much as my happiness at seeing one goal pre-launch off my bucket list, I think the biggest one of all as a father, I also hope that she will go through all what I have gone through in life. Sorrow only teaches you to be stronger, and be extremely happy when happiness is there in your life. In mine, today!

June this year was one of the most awful months in my life. I celebrated my daughters birthday my second nephews entrance to the best University in Washington DC, GWU and pilgrimaging with him in Sri Lanka . With all this joy came my regression to driving drunk and crashing my first nephews brand new car, fracturing my foot, getting robbed of money twice to losing a man who was like my younger brother in Sri Lanka.

July promises better. I pray…

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