23 July 2012

Vande Mataram

Vande Mataram
I have always loved India. From their religion, cricket, beautiful women, vegetarian food to the few wonderful Indians who are my friends. For those of you who have being there, you would understand that incredible ‘mystic’ feeling I get when I am in India.
The amazing colours, markets, temples, and all kinds of people make India really unique.
The over 6,000-year culture of its people and its rich history makes India different from any other country in the world.
The transgender bright saree clad prostitutes, the cabbie who drove me all day around Mumbai for 400 rupees, the other who I kept my luggage safely with in his cab while I shopped in Chennai, numerous workshops in Mumbai and Delhi, Piyush Pandey and Sonal Dabraal the O&M creative stalwarts, the fantastic British Airways marketing team and the shopping experiences are what makes India memorable to me.
But that is only scratching the surface.
India our neighbour, just 22 miles from Sri Lanka by sea is a country I have admired even before I visited. Hinduism, the culture, and the history of India have always captured my imagination. Always wishing my ancestry would be originating from North India even if it were 3,000 years ago, as a Sri Lankan, my heart glowed with pride.
As I grew older actually experiencing ‘incredible’ India has been incredible. So cliché but true.
Sri Lanka and India are the best of neighbours. We admire the Indians for their work ethic, creativity, intelligence and above all their loyalty to their country and friends.
Vande Mataram.
My connection to India.
Most of all I believe that our two cultures are a tight link with many practises shared, norms followed. We always have common denominators.
Why over the passed few decades both governments don’t work to strengthen this relationship but rather grow more apart is my loss. Is it your too?
Vande Mataram.
I have to go now. The England – South Africa test at the Oval. Today’s the last day. England has to bat out the day with six wickets in hand.
Gutted. But it’s my choice to watch or not.
When governments have to make decisions for millions of people, do they consider the choice of the people?

When I die, I want to die knowing I will be reincarnated as an Indian. Born to a rich Indian family of course.

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