25 January 2013

If you know what you’re going to find, let it be.

Sitting here watching Breaking News on BBC of the Egypt unrest. Live bullets have been used in Cairo and other cities. At least five protestors marking the second anniversary of the uprising have been shot dead. As I write BBC News confirm that five are dead in Suez City. Police and demonstrators continue to clash in Tahir Square.
The current government have apparently being having double standards in everything they do. Sounds familiar to you? In many ways than one?
The Arab Spring.
Are you no better when you shoot and kill those who you promised to bring to justice?
Finally all western civilians have been asked to immediately leave Syria. The mayhem and killing continue. The country no longer one, just one huge war zone.
An otherwise rumble in Formula 1 land?
Honestly can you tell me anyone of these countries is any better? Even marginally?
I continue to glance up at the TV. The violence in Egypt continues. I quickly switch to Al Jazeera. Surprisingly it’s news hour and world news!
Nothing changes. North Korea continues to build nuclear armament. Latest is to accuse South Koreans of encouraging North Koreans to defect and of double defection.
Back to BBC News. Just more violence and wrongdoing.
Democracy is easy for me to preach in my little castle in Hertfordshire. So is it for the great western democrat. It’s not us who are dying.
Everyone who is dead, or going to die knew that before the Arab Spring. Yet were convinced that their death was worth the fight for Democracy. Did they really believe they would die? Did they not think this could all go tits up and I’ll be dead? My country will take another century to recover from this Arab Spring?
Take haste my fellow Sri Lankans. Remember from the frying pan to the fire. A retired Army General, an Ex-lawmaker, and a bunch of gay boys can never be better. Their Excellency’s the Rajapaksa’s, have fought a great war for Sri Lanka. Let us reap the benefits of that great victory.
Even the west suddenly understands our potential. The return to Sri Lanka of British Airways is a good omen of greater things to come.
Give the Excellency’s the Rajapaksa’s  time.
Excellency’s we plead with you to govern well.
Time is on our hands; time to ponder, before it’s too late for anyone.
Like the Arab Spring. Egypt, Syria, Libya…
Long live Sri Lanka!
The paradise isle.
Anarchy’s never the answer to peace.


Jack Point said...

A choice between anarchy and a despot? The despot being preferred to anarchy?

Not a very good argument I'm afraid.

Where does the anarchy arise from? When the despot refuses to leave, pressure builds up and eventually erupts.

The solution therefore, is for ruler to leave peacefully, rigged elections notwithstanding. Those close to the rulers should advise them accordingly.

Unfortunately when power goes into their heads they never listen to advice and the inevitable follows.

Vernita said...

This is cool!