27 January 2013

Sweet Home Obama

The guitar intro to Sweet Home Alabama disturbs an otherwise quiet morning. Overnight rains have cleaned away all signs of snow. The temperatures are back in double digits. Among the many sounds of alerts on my phone is the unmistakeable old school ding-dong of an incoming text. This one dreaded as it was at 3am. Light relief and understanding when realising it’s just a text from a friend in Sri Lanka. Only friends have no respect for your privacy or personal space, especially in Sri Lanka. If a question needs to be asked from Dhammika, so be it, text the bugger by all means.
Unfortunately after having read said text I am unable to sleep. Not for it’s contents, but for the fact that I couldn’t go back to sleep. Trot downstairs and make myself a coffee. Had an extremely satisfying visit to the porcelain pinnacle.
All done I make myself another cup of coffee and settle down in the lounge. Leave the curtains open to experience the true majesty of the heavy rain beating down outside. I am nice and cosy. Switch on the TV to watch the English play the Indians in a short version of the game cricket. Boring. Nothing on news either. Already watched the Aussie Sri Lanka really short version of the game and recorded it yesterday. So watched the Sri Lankan innings again last night. So nothing to watch.
Despite the falling rain that usually makes me want to sleep, I am semi-comatose on the couch, warm under my blanket. Go upstairs and cuddle with the wife thought came up, but knowing how annoyed she gets if awake early on a Sunday morning, it was abandoned. No sire Bob, She’s not a morning person; actually she’s basically a person who is not a person person. If you get my drift. That was what attracted her to me in the first place anyway.
So back to semi-watching England’s run chase as I type this. Wish one day all the England batsmen will click in one innings. They do have a wonderful batting line up which rarely fires at the same time.
The songs stopped. Sweet Home Alabama, surprised no one has remade it with Sweet Home Obama. If you do, send me the CD.
The rains completely stopped too.
I have to go now. The dogs scratching the lounge door. He wants to go for our long Sunday ramble.
Daylight has dawned. Bye!

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