16 April 2014

Languages and religions usually bring ruin to a country.

The concept of the three languages uniting under one Mother ஸ்ரீ ලංකා is one I firmly advocate and believe in.

The irony is that it is the same three languages that have resulted in a divided ‘Mother ஸ்ரீ ලංකාSri Lanka. The English speak English, The Italians Italian, and the French speak French etc etc,…

Thai's? They speak Thai.

In Greece, the Greeks speak Greek.

Any country that has more than one language - Shambles.

Languages and religions usually bring ruin to a country.

The west are fast finding this fact out due to their democracies having open migration to these countries. 

They have realised it too, this is why their laws have got tougher to migrate to those countries. I.e. USA and UK.

A one language policy, unites a country. 

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Maleficent said...

It is not the language that is the issue, it is the political mindset. One could also point to Canada, which has a bilingual policy, and don't have the same problematic attitude to migrants. In many of the European countries, schools teach more than one language, and people are multilingual. Choosing one language can bring about racism and discrimination, like in SL. Best for us to learn all three don't you think?