8 April 2014

Londons Calling - No really the real one

Londons Calling
The Jew boys from Mill Hill and Elstree
The ones who everyone laughed at in school
The same ones you now work for
The Indian down the high street hires the buxom blonde from Manchester
You know he’s going to finger her in the back alley

But he gives her the occasional tenner for a pint and dinner
And ignores the skunk weed she hides in his restaurant bin in the back alley
The Manchester girl’s friend, the Moroccan drug dealer has put to work for the johnnies
And free hand jobs for the filth
The Chinese won’t hire you; they only hire the Chinese who arrive by boat
The red head from Yorkshire quit London Met as she found escorting lucrative enough to stop the need for higher education
The thirteen-year-old boys from the projects blood the eleven-year girls behind the bins
The same boys who ride down the high street on low rider bikes
Demanding, pilfering from corner shops and grabbing a busy commuters iPhone
The boys and girls from Canary Wharf on the Jubilee Line Train
On Cocaine at six in the morning, either heading home or going to work in the bank
The Arab women in Louis Vuitton Hijabs, Armani jeans underneath, Jimmy Choo shoes and Channel handbag
Old Arab men in marquee cars driving their Russian escorts to their holiday homes in West Hampstead
Americans, Japanese and German tourists, all confused and lost
They’re wondered into a bad part of Old Street, where the African refugees live
The fear, the hatred, all-spilling on to the street, simmering

Summers coming to London, its beautiful.

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