16 February 2013

‘Chancellor eats horse shit’

Tax laws out-dated by 100 years. EU countries sharing and adopting best practices. Multinationals with a dubious reputation in paying the proper taxes of the country they do business in. George Osbourne must be the most boring person in the world.
The BBC drones on in the background. Beef contaminated with Horsemeat, the story rages on.
Early Saturday morning. All morning bathroom pleasantries done, first coffee for the day and I sit on my proverbial leather couch whiling my insomniac time in the fruitless pursuit of inspiration and understanding the ills of humankind. Thoughts filter from BBC news on the telly, to writing this, to the need for another cup of coffee . Coffee means body movement and I am way too comfortably settled into the couch. The couch and I are one.
So back to this horsemeat story. As the story unravels, it’s clear that horsemeat has contaminated many beef food products in the UK. The debate is whether this is a EU wide crime syndicate sponsored crime vs. a bunch of abattoirs making some ‘holiday’ money. Either way what’s alarming is the stoic silence of the supermarkets that had these contaminated beef products on their shelves. Do they continue to do so? What assurances have they given their customers that every single beef product sold in their supermarkets has been checked?
For someone like me who has not eaten any beef or beef product for almost two decades I find the fundamental premise wrong. If you eat a cow, why not eat a horse too? Don’t get me wrong I am not a holier than thou vegan. I love my pork, in every form from bacon to pork belly to crackling. So if someone offered me say a horse curry, yes, I would try it. The horse is anyway mighty fine looking animal and a cow I am sad to say looks silly.
You may ask me then why don’t you eat cow? But you see, my decision not to eat cow is by choice. I would be mighty pissed off if say someone told me all the delicious venison, lamb and pork sausages I have consumed in the past all were contaminated by a dominant amount of horsemeat.
So I guess I see what you mean. Half past seven, I have given in to the need for another cup of coffee. Post this before I go. Enjoy your weekend; go, and go, go now, quickly!

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