25 February 2013

Fcuk Google, Ask Me!

Fuck Google, Ask Me!

Seen the tee at the Camden market, bought the tee, done the tee.
Always wondered if some genius at Google thought this up and conveniently lent to the tee-maker. As far as I am concerned this is the best piece of brand communication I have ever seen in my futile two decades in brand communications. Futile for me as I see so many pieces of creative genius so simple but great, and always ask myself, why the fuck didn’t I think of that.
If the word fuck offends you, my apologies. Please bear with.
Back to Google, how much the Internet and Googling anything, has become so part and parcel of our life. Facebook. Twitter. So many social media platforms. If you have a computer or laptop, it’s considered unfashionable to not have your own site/blog.
Digital technology has taken over our lives. Photographers have been created overnight. Have expensive digital camera, look and click. See immediately the result. Imagine one to be Art Wolfe. Post to the web.
Use smart phone; take pictures and videos and post to the web in the touch of a button.
Everyone has become digital communicators.
The providers and search engines continue to innovate to make the technology faster and easier. Easier to understand. Apple and their range of communications tools a best example.
All this has happened during the past seven years. From 2006, when social media really took off.
I am sitting here now. Typing this blog post on my Macbook Pro. Listening to BBC news with an occasional peek at the TV. After this post, dinner, and enter Sky demand. Watch the football, then scan movie library to find something good. Even the TV’s gone completely digital. More now a computer than a television.
Advertising Agencies take note. If you can see where this is all going. The Internet. Everyone is an expert, everyone.
You don’t have to die to become extinct. You can just become obsolete.
Fuck Google, Ask Me!

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