13 August 2013

All afternoon, and I smiled.

It rained all afternoon. When it finished raining, the sun came out, birds started chirping and all life stirred. So did I. Relaxed after a long nap while it rained outside. Marvellous is the only word of this experience in a humid, tropical country.
I meander my way downstairs to be greeted by a dish of still warm fish buns from the bakery cart, which arrives every late afternoon to this little haven of suburbia. A steaming mug of coffee and a long glass of ice water waits beside the fish buns. I sit down, stretch myself in the chair and partake the said buns.
The one veranda door that’s open brings a welcome breeze and fresh air from the outside garden. Glistening with the rainfall and reflecting sunshine. My heart is warm, my soul awaits, my minds open. That’s when I notice the tip of a bushy tail right outside the door. As animals sense us way before we see them I know this little visitor already knows I am sitting here. Perhaps maybe the fish buns tempted it as much as I. Slowly a quivering whiskery black wet nose appeared. Then behold the whole squirrel emerged. A fresh brown and black luxurious looking coat and a huge tail gives me the clue that it’s a young cub that’s just entered manhood.
All confident now, the squirrel hops on its two legs and elegantly makes it way to the table I sit. Quick hop on the chair and suddenly it’s on the table.
Staring at me intently. No hint of wavering or blinking. I am perturbed for but a minute of what is expected from me. Breaking a piece off my fish bun I lay it away from me, closer to it. Immediate scamper and the piece of bun disappear in to its mouth. Back to the accusing stare at me again. This continues until a good half a bun has somehow made its way to this squirrels mouth.
He then cool meanders to the edge of the table, acrobatically jumps off the chair to the floor and disappears as fast as he came.
I smiled. From somewhere deep inside my heart to the very recess of my mind.
Life can always be like that, little really nice incidents to make you smile a lifetime.  

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