5 August 2013

Darkness everywhere

It’s absolute
Welcoming because here is nothing to see
Like the juicy fruit gum she would chew
Before I kissed her
In the dark…
Sweet and fruity
Forbidden love
The unwashed hanky
From the rock concert
So is the shirt with her scent
From the party
All in the darkness
Gone for ever
There is darkness everywhere
I see better
I see her
I embrace her
I even dream of her
In the darkness
Tell me can you do better?
In darkness…
The multi headed goddess
She who punishes
The multi handed warrior god
He who vanquishes
The elephant headed god
He who protects
They wait
In darkness
Dark statues
Dark shadows
Why should the gods be?
Be in darkness?
Darkness, everywhere           
I have no where to run
I love you

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