17 August 2013

The Sri Lanka Sarong

The Sri Lanka Sarong - The only way to ensure your balls are not bollocked. The Sarong allows for one's balls to breathe, when one's balls are free, one is free.
It's important that a organ that helps one reproduce, is well free.
If one visits Colombo, a visit to Barefoot to purchase a colourful Sarong is recommended. If everyone one in the world had a Barefoot sarong, the world would be free, and well colourful.
dD has a range of Barefoot sarongs. In fact its a weakness. He has so many that some are still unworn. They lie lovingly in a closet. dD takes a peek of appreciation once in a while. dD finds it comforting to see all the colours, touch the silky texture, and inhale the aroma of Sri Lanka.

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