13 October 2012

Home, me village in the wood.

Home, me village in the wood.
The absolute silence of an English countryside afternoon is further deafened by the heavy rain clouds overhead. Even the house beat of the music on the TV is nothing but a drone, all overcome with this dark, thick silence.
The house beat picks up and I look to see some beach, same girl in bikini prancing through the wake of waves. Her lithe young body flies through the air.
I am still semi-comatose from last night, Friday given just celebration and inebriations. Recall whole night but the part of how I got home, changed my cloths, put on a sarong, and by the fact that my wife was sound asleep when I woke up, I was thankfully safe in my bed, at my home. J
Spuriously I take a casual look outside to see if said car I am never supposed to drive drunk was in its rightful parked place. Inward sigh of relief that all was well.
Remembered that I was dropped off at the Toby Carvery by the wife, Friday evening. England played St. Marino last night. The team richly rewarded and added to the glitter of a Friday night in the wood with a five nil victory. Kept trying to think of the missing England fullbacks name, he plays for my MU too, but for the life of me the name refused to come to mind. Phil Jones, my apologies. Chris Smalling comes to mind too. Why were they not playing? Injuries no doubt but I am sure a quick google will help me find an answer. I am also sure that one day I will be able to even find this elusive god/s on google with facebook in close contention. Honorary mention must be made of the late Yahoo.
I meander, my apologies.
All this time, the deafening silence. Instant house music still failing to break the deafness although the house beat is really insistent. Bombarding memories, feelings, X, scents, places, drinks deep into the very recess of my brain.
Missed breakfast, hung over, just coffee and ate Apple pickle. Drank loads of water. Still eating Oranges, one more to go. Lamb curry, Cuttlefish, Lentils with white rice for late lunch. Lems made. Very tasty. Lunch helped. The headache nothing but a slight throb now.
Same music, same girl, some other beach.
The mind numbness of a Saturday afternoon. I am succumbing to the smoke I had. My body almost melts in to the sofa.
Friday night was good.
Staying in tonight. IRB Sevens, Champions League 20 over cricket WTA on the telly. Left over lamb curry with fresh bread rolls for dinner, more smoke before and after, and maybe the hangover beast will finally disappear with a nice bottle of sweet merlot from Espania with dinner.
I will take my leave now. A mug of Soya milk, over sweetened with fake sugar free sugar, hint of tea and mint. A nap afterwards. Bye!

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