21 October 2012


I am awake early as usual to the absolute silence and solitude of a Sunday morning in the sticks. The boiler drones softly to keep away the freezing cold outside. Everyone else is fast asleep. Even the dog is cuddled up under the kid’s duvet and scarcely opened his eyes when I popped my head in this morning. I am already on my second coffee for the day. A cigarette smoked outside in a crisp cold morning. Too early in the morning to see if anyone from the family are up too on Skye as I would wake those still sounds asleep upstairs. I know family in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand are up and about. The rest in US fast asleep other than maybe my niece and nephew who may still be out on the last dregs of a Saturday night. Nephew maybe not as his father is in the house with him these days.
So entertaining myself by writing this post. Please bear with the occasional ramble, for I am willing my body to stay tantalisingly close to going back to bed, but alive enough for my fingers to type.  TV at this time is still at the why in the world are you up this early on a Sunday programming phase. So reluctant and too lazy to sit up on the couch to look for the remote to switch on the news. The Internet ensuring no need for newspaper delivery. The latest print victim’s the Newsweek Magazine, soon to be exclusively digital. Many believe this is the final call for the fast disappearing need for a print medium. I assure the non-ad media people amongst you the Newsweek is big in circulation and readership, worldwide. Yet they no longer see the need to release a print version.
I both love and hate the Internet. The digital medium I embrace as a news source. I have already read the tweets of the news channels I follow. Read my fellow countryman’s posts on kottu, and visited the newslanka newsroom. After this post, soon, the dark tv screen right in front of me will come on to life in a rapid channel surf of BBC news, CNN, and Al Jazeera.
I have to go now. The dogs up and a quick rumble on the field behind our house to chase some foxes and generally wake the neighbourhood up is well in order.
The end of the print era cometh. So does Diwali and Christmas. Quiet but joyous anticipation.

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