10 October 2012

Pray when you have everything to pray for, not when you have nothing and it's too late.

Had a long chat with the matriarch in the family yesterday during lunchtime. I had just been to the Lord Murugan temple in Highgate for the Archana and subsequent feast of vegetarian lunch. She on her way to the Paradise Isle for a pilgrimage to Kataragama.

General chat about everything and nothing, and we both were laughing when we realised whenever we chat about the gods and goddesses we pray to, it's always on a first name basis, like they were actual people. Of course with the utmost respect, but still very much part and parcel of our lives.

It's hard to explain faith, in any religion. But if your religion encourages you to live your life in a fair and just manner, that's good enough.

I pray to my gods for my health and well being. To help me be a good person. 

As I grow older, my relationship with reality grows stronger.

To me there is nothing more real than the Gods Ganesha, Lord Murugan, and the Goddesses Kali and Durga. Beyond a statue, the power and healing they bring to your mind. The concept of OM, the Dharmachakra and how much they mean to how one live their life.

Your brain is where your common sense comes from, your mind helps you explore every concept. This is where my faith comes in for:

I believe in the Buddha, Dhamma and the Sangha. I seek protection from the Buddha, Dhamma and the Sangha. May the triple gem protect me from all evil.

Ganapathi Om Jaya Ganapathi Om, Gunapathi Yam Siva Ganapathi Om!

Harnessing the power of good will protect you from all evil. For the power of good comes from everyones heart and mind, beyond a picture, a statue.

Live justly to be rewarded by justice. Religion be aware is like a dog. If cornered or threatned, even your pet will attack you. Religion is like life, nothing is free. Life you pay in dollars, religion your deeds will give you back what you deserve. Good or bad!

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