3 April 2013

All kinds of everything - Free!

One-Month Free.
Three months trial membership absolutely free.
What they conveniently forget to say is that to get the one-month free you have to pay by direct debit which automatically starts after the first free month.
The three months trial membership is the same. What they forgot to say was that your direct debit will continue after until the never ever.
Signing up a direct debit is a big does to do in England. Especially if the payee wants to cancel it. Couple of queries on your account and there goes your credit history rating flushing down the toilet in a swirl of bright blue water. As badly as not being able to get a mortgage, finance a new car, buy a new flat, etc., etc.
So the month free brings its total new set of debts to your life.
Fools gold.
Life shouldn’t be like that. Profit shouldn’t drive every single sales transaction. Common decency must prevail. In any culture this is the same, common decency is what it is. Behaving in society responsibly.
Profit is ok. Otherwise Andy Warhol would be broke. Damien Hirst would be peddling his art in the Camden Town Market. Which of course would then give him proper art credentials he doesn’t deserve.
Anyway everyone in life must behave responsibly in each other’s company.
It’s hard to give a shite, easier to just say ya ok cool.
Like the interpretation of sick. In teen speak that means really very cool.
For adults, sick is usually associated with sick, you know, vomit.
That shits sick man.
I don’t care. Really. I don’t. 
I got one month free.

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