19 April 2013

My first time was with Rushan

Late Friday evening. The night still young. I am in my rapidly gaining honour of favourite place in the world, ye olde couch at home. Collapsed on it while watching the boxing on Eurosport. Biggers better, a bunch of overweight but tough as nails Europeans bashing the shite out of each other. What better entertainment on a Friday?
The kids out with her friends. Chalk Farm of all places. Even I don’t go there after dark. Her close proximity to her exams means that her not happy about her being out, the mother, sulks on the bed. Only the trusty Jasper to keep her company.
I have done the incense and made sure all the lights are switched in the house. Vain hope that today Navartri, the Goddess of fortune, Goddess Lakshmi will visit the household to finally bring the wealth I have strived for the past 48 years and 7 months. To no avail, so maybe this is the year; the mother goddess will grace my abode with her presence. I wake up tomorrow I shall then wake to a hearth full of incense, myrrh and gold. And they lived happily ever after…
Sorry back to my first time with Rushan. While watching the boxing I also have the laptop perched on a pillow warming my lap. Through this courtesy I bring to you this post. In case you wondered.
Yes I have to stretch to reach the Jasmine Tea or the gleaming bottle of JD. The gleaming part was when I started to reminisce of my first time with Rushan.
When I started out in advertising, me a suit, and Rushan an art director, worked on the same beer business. So the both of us were sent off on a beer shoot to a studio. It was a simple pack shot, so I was sent to observe and learn. As I continued to observe many such shoots of all sorts, I did stumble upon a liquor account. That was when I found how photographers make the liquor in bottle shots look so golden and magnificent. They ladies, gentlemen and others, just cleverly place a silver or gold foil in the background. Voilà golden liquor! All this triggered by the bottle of JD patiently waiting my ministration. Well, magnificently waiting. While I have not placed any foil behind it, I have by design lit up the living room (well the box I call a living room) in rich brown and red tones.
Rushan was just an excuse to make you select the link to my blog through Kottu.
It’s nice to see people have read your drivel when you check your blog stats.
If you already knew about the foil, good on you.

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