22 April 2013

White Shirts

My favourite colour is blue. But if you look at my wardrobe most of my clothes in there are black and white. Lots of camouflage clothes too. Enough to be noticed.
I love my white shirts. I have one of the best collections of white shirts. Stop. No I am not talking about a footballers perception of shirts. My collection has been accumulated over years, always from a sale. For one, I got them from all over the world. Sri Lanka, USA, England, Singapore and India. GAP, Banana Republic, and All Saints are a majority of them. I think there’s just one Kenzo I got in Singapore. That was because I just wanted to treat myself that day.
I must have easily have over fifty of them now. Some forgotten and hiding away in drawers’ long unexplored. From the tremendously funky to gentlemen’s everyday wear. Button up collars, no collars all collar shapes, in white, yep I got em.
Why a post about your clothes you must think now. White shirts in particular. Yes, it could be a white handkerchief too, also which I have many of. Underwear? Always black, or camo.
See what I was thinking of was how much perception adds to the value of everyday stuff in individual viewpoints.
I would think it’s a big fail to have a collection of designer white shirts. There is far more emotion in mine. Where it borders on uber sick.
Would my perception fail if I did have enough to purchase designer shirts. Of course. Then I would go to Jermaine Street, choose the 100% cotton fabric myself, and have them done bespoke. With my name in silk thread on every pocket.
The same material would be used for some boxer shorts too.
Of course getting a whole white Linen collection stitched is essential.  Never Linen pants though. Tip, white Linen pants are totally gay. Unless your David Beckham or Brad Pitt. 

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