16 April 2013

Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama
My condolences and respect to you and the American people for their courage under fire. Epitomised through the Boston marathon runners who were finishing the race just in front of the bomb blast. I distinctly spotted some of them still had the foresight to stop their watches on their wrists to confirm their finishing time. Their bravery was astonishing.
As a Sri Lankan now domiciled in the UK in close proximity to London, I am sad to say my whole adult life, more than three decades was with constant threat of suicide bombers in your presence. Terrorism is one of the vilest acts in the world and the nation of Sri Lanka stands with you and the American people in your hour of sorrow.
We only know too well.
We’re proud Sri Lankans who have now eradicated international terrorism from our country.
Yes the collateral damage was of many, but the lives of Sri Lankans we have saved are also many. Many more for generations of Sri Lankans who will be born without the fear of terrorism in their lives.
I am sure the whole world agrees and shares the same view as I do.
Please avail the expertise of our armed forces, sadly through experience; who are well equipped to fight the war against terrorism.
Mr President, we stand by you.
Dhammika Dharmawardhane

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