9 May 2013

Brands that work.

Brands that work

Ask a group of people in impromptu to name the first brand that comes to them, and the top ones will be Coke, Ferrari, and  Starbucks.  Also, since of late, Viagra.

Why do these brands have this invaluable brand recall and success?

Because they all work.


There's no better drink than an ice cold Coke on a hot, humid day. Or Coke with Rum, Ceylon Arrack, Vodka, Bourbon or an occasional whisky in the tropics.

Ferrari is still the only thing every man in this world has in common. They all dream of owning one. Even more than Kate Moss.

There's nothing to beat the experience of getting coffee on the go from Starbucks on chilly autumn mornings or cold winter evenings.

As for Viagra, well course, it works! That’s the brand promise – a good stiffy!

Your brand has to work. First and foremost.

As the old moral goes you fail every time dressing a dead woman in a bridal. She’s dead. (Via Udaya Tennakoan everybody’s advertising big brother).

Lots of brand owners forget that. Ignoring it doesn’t mean its not dead.

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