10 May 2013

The Chinese era cometh...

Surprised at the American point of view about manufacturing abroad for profit. 

When times were good they demanded more commodities. 

The more money they accumulated, cheaper clothes were demanded.

American brands were the biggest culprits. Cheaper cars from Japan, cheaper clothes from the Far East. GAP is one of the best examples. It (was) an iconic American brand, clothes were priced high, but sold well.

Come high consumer demand, they sold out to produce cheap goods from China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Bangladesh etc.

Ethical buying was demanded, no one listened. When America went broke, the whole world went broke.

Last Xmas in DC I looked in every mall for a pair of Nikes made in the USA. The same for a pair of 501s. They were mostly made in China! :( The same for the Apple products we got it Georgetown as the exchange rate made it much cheaper.

So we're all to blame.

England's cottoned on and now Made in England's becoming a brand by itself. It's a start.

However 60% of all the London Olympics souvenirs were produced in China!

But manufacturing in the third world has proliferated so much into western markets we will have a bigger economic downturn if its cut off suddenly.

So will China demand back the over trillion dollars America owes them!

We all hail America and wait for Americas economic resurgence in world markets with our mouths open.

I hope this time around a little more intelligently.

But then again go say that to Americans like Sam Walton.

The Mustang is another example, why aren't they producing cars for European and Asian markets. Now that's a premium I will pay for owning a precious part of Americana.

We are the architects of our own downfall. I love Obama and the democrats. Maybe too much.

The world is changing America.
I shudder to think America or England may never be economic super powers again.

Reality has come knocking.

It says China, Brazil, India and Russia.

Their military power can't be scoffed at either.

America must understand the world has changed.

Otherwise you will become a lawless wilderness that's just like Afghanistan.

America you really need some friends in the rest of the world. Don't come knocking on the third world with your M16s when a Kalashnikov's up your posterior.

And it works better!

The mistakes the west is in massive proportions of self induced pomp and arrogance.

You trained and armed Osama. Now the terrorist organisation formed by him has turned around and bit you like a rabid dog. And it keeps biting!

The fall of the Soviet Union was celebrated as a victory for democracy. So was the formation of the  European Union. Now people from those former communist countries have moved to the west, taken all the blue collar jobs and camp out in London's most sought after exclusive post codes. 

Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable - a most sacred right - a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.
Abraham Lincoln


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