19 May 2013

The rains have come…

I am watching the village I live in die.
When a hypermarket opens in your neighborhood everything is cheap. Cheap booze, horse meat, dodgy Chinese electronics and unethically manufactured goods. 
High rises sprouting from anywhere. Hasn't the US inner city ghettos and high-rise crime thought anyone anything?
Crime, guns and drugs. English ghettos. I went to Wembley yesterday, I thought I was in a shantytown in the third world.
My village is slowly but surely dying. An anonymous casualty in human kinds greed for possession and gluttony. The high street’s gone. McDonalds are here. So are KFC, Starbucks, and Nandos. The death of local trade.
Soon just a high-rise jungle feeding servitude to the city that welcomes the stink of humanity worshipping at its feet.
The rains have come.

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