29 April 2013

Ultimate digital parties for the summer

The month of May beckons

Mild but cloudy afternoon. Pork curry, lentils, ladies fingers and Maldives’ fish curry lunch. Dog and Dhammika both. Dhammika’s now at his favourite perch on the couch. The laptop perched on his lap too. The dog had a lovely morning. One of these days he’s actually going to find this Fox Dhammika keeps screaming at him to be careful about in doggie heaven, the field behind their house. After Dhammika went out and came back he got the dog, Jasper a nice small football. Which Jasper promptly safeguarded under the bed, he feels akin to Dhammika. So he’s joined Dhammika on the couch, uncomfortably lying down as close as possible. A dog’s way of saying he loves you.
Last days of April, and Dhammika waits May. The rose bushes have already started to bud, the leaves bright clusters of magenta. The roses to bloom in the Month of May. Bright Pink, Light Pink, Orange and Red roses. The colours that keep alive Dhammika’s mother in his soul. Her favourite colours. White he will never grow after the white rose wreathe he had at her funeral. White is his mothers’ special colour.
The evenings are longer now. Twilight late. Nights mild. Sleeping bare bodied at night, snuggling under the duvet and the warmth of your wife. Most days the dog also jumping to bed to strategically announce his alpha status by placing himself between the two of you. But you don’t mind, he’s like a hot water bottle.
The mild nights and late twilight mean longer runs, longer rambles with the dog, solitary long evening walks just taking a timeout from everyday life, just relaxing on the field staring up at the May sky. The dog on a long lead that’s held lightly in your hand. He’s always quiet, enjoying the solitude himself.
Ah the month of May, the loins stir more, the women are prettier, and the nights promise more. 
May the month of May always be hers. Her, the one you love. 

27 April 2013

Renault Surprises

Renault powers 4 Formula One teams in 2013, amounting to one third of the grid. Renault engines will power 4 teams in 2013: triple world champions Red Bull Racing; Lotus F1 Team, double world champions in 2005 and 2006 when racing as the Renault F1 Team; Caterham F1 Team and the Williams F1 Team.
1, 2 & 3 winners in the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix were on Renault engines. 

Went to their webpage and had a look at their cars. Not bad looking at all. Bit of a range of chick looking sports cars, the Renault Samsung range was better looking. But Mini Cooper needn’t yet start to worry. 

But well worth mention.
Even though I am a hard-core Mercedes, McLaren and Lewis Hamilton F1 fan.
But yes, proper worth the look.
Wish they would do something with that front grill, or the lack of one. 

24 April 2013

The light outside

The goddess cries when she sees our beauty
She cries not for us
But for her
She cries her tears of sorrow
So we may live
For her
I’ll leave the light on.

One will come, if you wait…

 Memories of the Maharagama 138 taken frequently as the bus stop on Havelock Road was in close proximity to home. If you wait long enough, one will always come. In case of the 138, true. Even if hours later, one is sure to arrive.
Have patience, just wait.
Wait for how long. For what? I am sure everyone has a goal, yes as you progress in age, the goal posts change, but a goal will remain. Complicity may enter your life, as mine now, the goal may go the backburner, only my inner guilt to remind me of that goal.
I came home this evening, rustled up an early dinner for family, shared heartily also with dog. A generously mild 19 centigrade, so quickly changed to sarong to allow my body to breathe. The first layer, the white vest put on in the morning remained on top. Excessive use of deodorant allows one to wear this garment until showering for bed.
Slippers then of course, unfortunately with socks. Long habit living in cold countries for too long. Even in tropical Colombo I had to wear sneaker socks.
So after comfortably attiring myself, retired to the garden for a smoke.
Unavoidable drone of aircraft overhead. However mild and nice it is, sun blazing all day, a barmy 19 centigrade, the plane awakens my inner guilt.
That goal on hold.
The vice of faceless urbanity in a suburb taking you over. Seven months of wintery weather and one day now, today, all the way to 19. Beyond spring, British summer has come.
After seven months.
The plane is gone. Another now fast appearing from the opposite direction. Ones departing, the other arriving.
In comparison, the 138 were faster. And the 104 to Wattala I used to hop on to go to Borella.
The years are flying by faster. Like that English premier league footballer, the striker who never is, I too haven’t scored a goal for a long-time.
Complicity sets in. You watch your family score fabulous goals.
You forget to score. Like that footballer, the striker at an English premier league club.
The bones ache more, recovery slower after gym, the reps become less, you sit more often, and a visit to the Optician becomes a must. Your GP and you become the best of friends.
The space for magic mythical runs of a striker are harder to find, the goal posts waver, almost a mirage.
The plane is gone.
Oh well, its getting a wee chilly, I think I’ll go inside now. Watch the news, maybe mug of coffee with a generous lacing of JD, power up laptop, and hangout on the couch.
Tomorrow never comes.
This post is dedicated to all of you living your goals. 

22 April 2013

White Shirts

My favourite colour is blue. But if you look at my wardrobe most of my clothes in there are black and white. Lots of camouflage clothes too. Enough to be noticed.
I love my white shirts. I have one of the best collections of white shirts. Stop. No I am not talking about a footballers perception of shirts. My collection has been accumulated over years, always from a sale. For one, I got them from all over the world. Sri Lanka, USA, England, Singapore and India. GAP, Banana Republic, and All Saints are a majority of them. I think there’s just one Kenzo I got in Singapore. That was because I just wanted to treat myself that day.
I must have easily have over fifty of them now. Some forgotten and hiding away in drawers’ long unexplored. From the tremendously funky to gentlemen’s everyday wear. Button up collars, no collars all collar shapes, in white, yep I got em.
Why a post about your clothes you must think now. White shirts in particular. Yes, it could be a white handkerchief too, also which I have many of. Underwear? Always black, or camo.
See what I was thinking of was how much perception adds to the value of everyday stuff in individual viewpoints.
I would think it’s a big fail to have a collection of designer white shirts. There is far more emotion in mine. Where it borders on uber sick.
Would my perception fail if I did have enough to purchase designer shirts. Of course. Then I would go to Jermaine Street, choose the 100% cotton fabric myself, and have them done bespoke. With my name in silk thread on every pocket.
The same material would be used for some boxer shorts too.
Of course getting a whole white Linen collection stitched is essential.  Never Linen pants though. Tip, white Linen pants are totally gay. Unless your David Beckham or Brad Pitt. 

19 April 2013

My first time was with Rushan

Late Friday evening. The night still young. I am in my rapidly gaining honour of favourite place in the world, ye olde couch at home. Collapsed on it while watching the boxing on Eurosport. Biggers better, a bunch of overweight but tough as nails Europeans bashing the shite out of each other. What better entertainment on a Friday?
The kids out with her friends. Chalk Farm of all places. Even I don’t go there after dark. Her close proximity to her exams means that her not happy about her being out, the mother, sulks on the bed. Only the trusty Jasper to keep her company.
I have done the incense and made sure all the lights are switched in the house. Vain hope that today Navartri, the Goddess of fortune, Goddess Lakshmi will visit the household to finally bring the wealth I have strived for the past 48 years and 7 months. To no avail, so maybe this is the year; the mother goddess will grace my abode with her presence. I wake up tomorrow I shall then wake to a hearth full of incense, myrrh and gold. And they lived happily ever after…
Sorry back to my first time with Rushan. While watching the boxing I also have the laptop perched on a pillow warming my lap. Through this courtesy I bring to you this post. In case you wondered.
Yes I have to stretch to reach the Jasmine Tea or the gleaming bottle of JD. The gleaming part was when I started to reminisce of my first time with Rushan.
When I started out in advertising, me a suit, and Rushan an art director, worked on the same beer business. So the both of us were sent off on a beer shoot to a studio. It was a simple pack shot, so I was sent to observe and learn. As I continued to observe many such shoots of all sorts, I did stumble upon a liquor account. That was when I found how photographers make the liquor in bottle shots look so golden and magnificent. They ladies, gentlemen and others, just cleverly place a silver or gold foil in the background. Voilà golden liquor! All this triggered by the bottle of JD patiently waiting my ministration. Well, magnificently waiting. While I have not placed any foil behind it, I have by design lit up the living room (well the box I call a living room) in rich brown and red tones.
Rushan was just an excuse to make you select the link to my blog through Kottu.
It’s nice to see people have read your drivel when you check your blog stats.
If you already knew about the foil, good on you.

18 April 2013

Durga Ashtami

Durga Ashtami Festival is today!
Durgashtami is a well known festival of India. Durgashtami or Durga Ashtami is the eighth day of nine days annual Navaratri festival in India. Durgashtami is observed on eighth day of Navratri of Shukla Paksha (full moon) in the Ashwin month according to Hindi calendar. This festival is also known as Mahashtami, Veera Ashtami or Durga Puja. This durgashtami is dedicated to goddess Durga and celebrated annually. Many devotees observe full day fast and perform special pooja on this days. Weapons of Goddess Durga are worshipped on this day and so it is known as Astra Puja or Ayudha Pooja. The day is also known as Virashtami as there are displays using arms or martial arts. It is one of the most important days for Goddess worship in Hindu religion. Durgashtami day is celebrated as Pooja Vaipu day in Kerala.
Durgashtami is a very sacred and auspicious festival of India. Many people go to temples of Goddess Mata Durga and pray for them and their family. On Durgashtami, devotees decorate the temple of goddess Durga whom famously known from goddess Sahkti and they offer many types of oblation. This day is also observed as Astra Puja as weapons of Goddess Durga are worshipped on the day.
Celebrated during Durga Navaratri, Durga Ashtami festival is celebrated as a memory of the day where Durga came out victorious over the demon buffalo, Mahishasura. Devotees of Durga recite many mantras of Durga on this auspicious day and seek for her blessings.
सर्व मंगल मांगल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थ साधिके   शरन्ये त्रयम्बिके गौरी नारायणी नमोस्तुते ।।
(Oh Narayaani, Oh Shivi, Oh Gauri you filful the desires of all. I pray to you)
शरणागत दीनार्तपरित्राण परायणे सर्वस्यातिहरे देवि नारायणी नमोस्तुते।।
(You who are perpetually endeavoring to protect the weak and the poor and remove their misery. Oh Narayani, I pray to you)